TRACKS (2016)

TRACKS consists of a composition written by Matthee de Bruin, carved into recycled bicycle tyres and printed into an animation by Emma Mayoux-Andrews. The artists investigated the common ground between Oxford and Leiden, and felt that bicycles and church bells were distinctive yet ubiquitous elements of our urban landscapes. The pattern of the tyre treads read like an obscure typography, incomprehensibly telling a story of the unique journeys ingrained into their rubber. The voices of the hand-cast bells of Leiden and Oxford are common in European soundscapes, but are a unique fingerprint of the cities.

The work strikes a balance between the mechanical and organic, the rigorous and the accidental, movement and stillness.

the work TRACKS exhibited photo: Han de Bruin

Concept, composition, electronics: Matthee de Bruin
Tire art, filming, video editing: Emma Mayoux-Andrews