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Cyber City Chill

Artwork for Cyber City Chill

This ambient track with synths and a synth like guitar solo is inspired by the epic sound track of Blade Runner.

Released 2021

Bamboo Machine (feat. Arsenal for Peace)

Artwork for Bamboo Machine

In collaboration with Japanese producer Arsenal for Peace, Matthee de Bruin created the dark ambient piece Bamboo Machine.

The track starts out quietly with a haunting ambient soundscape that over time picks up speed and erupts into a cataclysm when the beat hits, propelling the track to its mechanical decay.

Released 2021

Tokyo Impromptu

Artwork for Tokyo Impromptu

In a big city basemetent bar I performed with playing guitar and synthesizer, although this strucutred in five acts, this live receording is and meant to be heard a whole.

  1. Meditation
  2. Proposition
  3. Disintegration
  4. Katharsis
  5. Coda

Released 2020

Improv Meditation

Artwork for Improv Meditation

Looking for sounds and structures improvising on my guitar, is something I love doing. To me this style of playing is a form of meditation.

Released 2020



SYSTEMIC_SYMBIOSIS investigates the effect of the performer on the meditative effect of music. Aiming to induce, amplify and sustain a meditative state, an interplay emerges between human performer and the system. Utilising electric guitar and live electronics, featuring Max/MSP, the artist communes with the system to project the internal.

Released 2018


Artwork for towards_Silence

To listen carefully is to become silent.

Becoming silent is an ancient practice,
This is becoming aware,
Aware of oneself.

Slow passages invite to listen,
To hear the smallest changes.

I find myself looking for Silence.
This piece is part of my search.

Released 2017



Inspired by the many rows of bright white fluorescent lamps in Tokyo's high-rise office buildings, I decided to use my electric guitar in another way than I had been using it before. I used my guitar's pickups to explore sounds induced by various intensities of electromagnetic fields generated by fluorescent lamps. It resulted in this project, which is an improvised performance.

Released 2014


Artwork for Tokyo Impromptu

This project reproduces the phantom tones I have been hearing over the course of a month as accurately as possible. It has a very low volume and uses frequencies near the edge of human hearing. PHANTOM TONES is meant to be heard on a system playing at normal loudness, so it will playback quietly.

Released 2013