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Cyber City Chill

Blade Runner inspired me to make this ambient track with synths and a guitar solo.

Bamboo Machine (feat. Arsenal for Peace)

Artwork for Bamboo Machine

In collaboration with Japanese producer Arsenal for Peace, Matthee de Bruin created the dark ambient piece Bamboo Machine.

The track starts out quietly with a haunting ambient soundscape that over time picks up speed and erupts into a cataclysm when the beat hits, propelling the track to its mechanical decay.

Released 2021



ABSTRACT is a series of one-off NFT abstract artworks by Matthee de Bruin.

These line works are representative for artist and musician Matthee de Bruin's visual style. They find their origin in Tokyo's rows of florescent lights in the at night abandoned skyscraper offices. Over the years they developed into De Bruin's abstracted signature visual language. This theme can be found all over the artworks for his music, visual scores and website.

The works of the ABSTRACT series are all minted as 1/1 and will never be re-minted.

The series is available and sold trough opensea.io


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